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Why I sold KryptoniteWP


In September 2017, I launched a project called KryptoniteWP. The idea was to publish several smaller WordPress plugins and themes under this umbrella brand that didn’t need their own home – in other words, a website.

Over the years, several digital products have accumulated here. Most of them were developed for my own use in my other projects – such as AAWP and MH Themes – as I was missing a functionality in Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP, for example.

The WordPress plugins and themes were all used by myself for the reasons above and therefore constantly tested in live operation.

If you want to read more about the work on KryptoniteWP, you can find some insights and figures in my latest Year in Review blog post.

Time and motivation fly

As you probably know, not only we, but also our web projects grow from year to year. The setups of my ecommerce websites have changed continuously, and so my self-developed plugins were no longer needed here and there. That’s why, it wasn’t easy anymore to use my spare time for further development. I therefore decided to unpublish one or two plugins and at the beginning of this year, I sold the entire KryptoniteWP project to a new owner.

My motivation for this was not to make a lot of money with it, but to clear my head and focus on my larger projects. We have a lot planned this year in particular, and I want to be fully focused and able to throw myself into it.

Perspective and focus on major projects

That’s why I’m happy to have found a suitable new owner for KryptoniteWP via my Twitter account in a fairly short time, who will hopefully breathe new life into the project and bring a lot of fun and success to every customer.

For me and my team, this year will mainly focus on AAWP and especially our new WordPress link manager plugin, ClickWhale. We have a lot planned for both and are already looking forward to being able to draw a conclusion at the end of the year.

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